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We are a dynamic design collective with a wealth of experience in the architecture and construction industry. Our journey has been shaped by working alongside esteemed architectural practices such as Guilford Bell & Graham Fisher Architects, DKO, and Workroom.

As architects and designers, we specialize in conceptual design, meticulous documentation, and precise detailing. Our commitment extends to effective project management and seamless contract administration.

Our core focus is delivering high-quality designs—always punctual and within budget. But above all, our priority is you and the exceptional execution of your project.


Puya Malek

Director - Architect

ARBV Registration # 19993 

Puya is a registered architect with a decade of experience across various industry domains. His design ethos leans toward modern aesthetics, and he is passionate about infusing ancient international concepts into his work.

As an architect and designer, Puya specializes in creating innovative designs that harmonize contemporary style with timeless wisdom. His unique approach bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, resulting in captivating spaces that resonate with both history and innovation.

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