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  • Puya Malek

It's Alive!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

After years being in the pipeline, mlk design studio's website is up and running!

As uncertainty is abound and change is the driving force of our lives these days, we set upon a new journey at mlk design studio. As Barbara Jordan, an American lawyer, educator and politician who was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement once said: "For all its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future." And these uncertain times has driven us to explore the future we would like to see in our world, and more specifically how to reshape our design ethos to help create a better world through thoughtful design.

We need you!

As we are reshaping our practice, we ask you to join us, and to let us help you realise you dream. being it the redesign of your current home, our future home, your new design and everything in between. We pride ourselves on listening to you and to walk with through the whole process.

We are ready, are you?

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